How to buy NCT token

Maximize your DeFi profit by providing your liquidity to NiceCash Vaults.Each Vault is a unique smart-contract that automatically switches liquidity to the most profitable DeFi instrument without exceeding given risk level.

NiceCash token

NCT — a native token of NiceCash — is an ERC20 token that unites all the parts of NiceCash Finance.

NCT features

  • NCT has a deflationary token model due to buyback & burn program
  • NCT can be used for staking in the nVault
  • NCT can be used as payment fee for wrapping/unwrapping on different assets with 50% discount
  • NCT will serve as a governance token of NiceCash

01. Install extension for the MetaMask browser, if you haven’t done it yet

Detailed guide here:

02. Fund your Ethereum address with any method

03. Connect MetaMask to

If you haven’t done it yet, detailed guide here:

04. Press “Buy NCT” button

05. Fill NCT field with desired amount of purchase and click “Buy NCT” button

06. In the MetaMask extension window that popped select “Edit” to adjust the transaction speed

07. Select “Fast” and click “Next” button

08. Press “Confirm” button

09. Wait for a message about the successful completion of the transaction

10. Press “Dashboard” button, in this section you can check balance of purchased tokens. If you did everything correct, tokens has been funded to your wallet!

Congratulations !!!

You have successfully bought NCT tokens!

A total of 40,000,000 NCT tokens are available for sale.

The starting price is 0.00030 ETH / NCT. The price will automatically increase in linear manner to 0.00060 ETH / NCT towards the end of the sale.

Stay tuned…

You are one click away from earning.

Your NiceCash




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