How to deposit NCT tokens in NCT Vault

01. Install extension for the MetaMask browser, if you haven’t done it yet

02. Connect MetaMask to

03. Press “Vaults” button in the main menu

04. Expand the NCT Vault by clicking on the arrow under the APY value

05. Enter number of tokens that you are willing to deposit. If you are making an NCT deposit for the first time from this address, then before making a deposit, you will need to give permission to the smart contract for moving NCT tokens from your address (Approve operation)

06. Enter the number of tokens that you are going to deposit and press the “Approve NCT” button

07. In the popped MetaMask extension window, select “Edit” to adjust the transaction speed

08. Select “Fast” and click “Save” button

09. Press “Confirm” button

10. As soon as “Approve” transaction confirmed, the “Approve NCT” button becomes “Approved”. “Deposit” button becomes active, press “Deposit” button

11. Adjust speed of the transaction using “Edit”, select “Fast”, as described above. Click “Confirm” button

12. Wait for confirmation message

Go to the Dashboard to make sure that the deposit has been successfully placed (check “Staking Amount” line)


You have deposited your NCT tokens to the NCT Vault and now your NCT tokens earning 110% per annum. In “Active Vaults” section you can watch how your deposit grows.




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