Impact of DeFi on The Real World

DeFi did a rapid growth in recent year, from a small crypto niche to a full-fledged industry.

Mostly built on the Ethereum blockchain network, decentralized finance (DeFi) offers middlemen free financial services. Be it crypto lending, borrowing, staking, farming. DeFi covers them all.

However, with the rapid increase in the DeFi landscape, you have to choose from thousands of products. Not to mention there always will be several fraudulent players on the market.

So, if you wish to invest in the DeFi products, without being involved in the hassle, we have something for you.

Introducing NiceCash nVaults, an automated tool that automatically switches your funds to the most profitable DeFi products.

Surprised? Keep reading to know more about nVaults and its approach to DeFi investments.

The DeFi Way Of Doing Finance

Decentralized finance (DeFi) is a financial ecosystem that operates on a blockchain network (mostly Ethereum) using smart contracts. In DeFi trust, transparency, security, and swiftness all are established by self-executable codes called smart contracts. As a result, you don’t need to fill lengthy forms nor do you require a good credit score or even a bank account. Be it banked or unbanked, DeFi welcomes everyone; all you need is a stable internet connection.

Crypto borrowing, lending, staking, yield farming, etc… everything is made easy, swift, secure, and less expensive in the DeFi universe with smart contracts. To put things into perspective, you can get loans within a few minutes without worrying about documentation and credit score. The best part is that there are no exorbitant middlemen fees in the DeFi space. With this revolutionary approach to finance, it is obvious why DeFi is attracting more and more investors every month.

The Investor-Friendly Landscape and Its Drawbacks

Thanks to high-interest rates and lucrative yields, the DeFi landscape has become a haven for investors.

Still, skeptical? What if we tell you billions of dollars have been invested in DeFi products already?

Yes, you heard that right. At the time of writing, around 14 billion USD have been locked in DeFi contracts. DeFi investments have gone from 1.34 million USD in October 2017 to 14.24 billion USD in November 2020, according to DeFi Pulse. Moreover, the growth of some DeFi tokens has surpassed Bitcoin returns this year. Also Uniswap, the largest decentralized exchange (DEX), surpassed Coinbase on August 30 by trading volume.

Nevertheless, as the DeFi space is expanding, it is becoming more and more difficult to choose the right product to invest in. The permissionless nature of the DeFi landscape has resulted the inflow of several fraudulent products. Even if you land on the right products, you might feel the pain of shifting your assets to the most profitable DeFi products and burning loads of gas.

So the question arises, is there a way to capitalize on the most gainful DeFi products without being involved in the tiring routine of manually monitoring DeFi yield rates?

Most certainly!

Meet NiceCash nVaults

nVaults is a financial instrument that automatically allocates your funds in the most profitable DeFi yield offers without exceeding the given risk level. nVaults brings the entire DeFi ecosystem in one place.

Each nVault is a secure and audited smart contract that invests your assets and saves you from the hassle of researching APY’s. Also, by using nVaults you save your ETH by not burning a gas for every transaction, you spend gas only for deposit transaction. NiceCash offers an intuitive interface and easy navigation will be a heaven for rookie users.

Our mission is to simplify DeFi investments and open the DeFi space for everyone. Whether you are a rookie or a savvy crypto investor, nVaults has everyone covered.

To sum up, nVaults is an automated tool that saves you time, minimizes expenses, and ensures high returns on your DeFi investments.

Now you are aware of the nVaults approach , let’s discuss how it works, what investment opportunity it offers and much more.

How do nVaults Work?

For investing in NiceCash vaults, you need to pick the asset of your choice and deposit funds in the respective vault. Once your funds hit nVault, our smart contracts forward your funds to the most beneficial DeFi product and you start earning your dividends in the chosen asset. nVaults also gives you the ability to withdraw your gains daily.

Upon its launch, NiceCash will offer the following investment strategies :

1. Stable-Coin-Yield Strategy

This strategy uses Tether (USDT) on the corresponding nVault. You have to provide USDT to this nVault for generating profits in USDT tokens. As the name suggests, this strategy uses stablecoin trading pairs. Stable-Coin-Yield strategy is largely immune to price fluctuations as it leverages stablecoins.

2. Ethereum-Smart Strategy

The ETH nVault accepts Ethereum as liquidity and generates profits in the ETH. The profits are produced using Uniswap (UNI) token farming.

3. NCT Vault Strategy

Earn NCT by providing it to NCT Vault

Also, for providing liquidity to one or more nVaults, you will be rewarded with a certain amount of NiceCash Tokens (NCT). You can earn 55% APY in NCT tokens by staking them in NCT nVault.

Why Choose nVaults?

Choosing a DeFi product from a pool of thousands can be intimidating. Our smart contracts are secure and audited, leaving no room for errors. Plus, the user-friendly interface offers smooth navigation. The option to withdraw profits daily gives you more control over your funds.

Considering all these factors, nVaults can be your handy friend to DeFi investments.

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