NiceCash Token Economics And Token Sale

2 min readNov 29, 2020


NCT — a native token of NiceCash — is an ERC20 token that unites all the parts of NiceCash Finance.

NCT features

  • NCT has a deflationary token model due to “Buyback & Burn” program
  • NCT can be used for staking in the nVault
  • NCT can be used as payment fee for wrapping/unwrapping on different assets with 50% discount
  • NCT will serve as a governance token of NiceCash

Initially, there can be only 100,000,000 NCT tokens. 20% of NiceCash profits will be used for the automatic “Buyback and Burn” program from day 1. This deflationary model will provide stability to NCT tokens while ensuring their value increases over time. The math is simple, the more profitable NiceCash becomes the more tokens will be removed from circulation.

NCT tokens are deeply integrated into our platform. Liquidity providers are rewarded with NCT tokens for locking funds in our NCT Vault. Staking of NCT will generate 55% APY in NCT tokens. To stake NCT tokens you would require at least 10,000 NCT. The best part is that you will keep receiving staking rewards until the reward pool of 10,00,000 NCT tokens is empty.

NiceCash Token Sale

NCT tokens will be offered to users and investors via private and public sale in Q3 2020 and Q4 2020 respectively.

Private sale (Q3 2020)

5,000,000 tokens have been sold @ $0.04 each. All tokens sold out during private sale are subject to 1 year vesting period.

Private sale tokens will be unlocked within 12 months in equal parts — 1/12 every month starting from 30th of October.

Public sale (Q4 2020)

The public token sale will go live in Q4 2020 after the launch of nVaults. During this sale, the tokens will be distributed using audited smart contracts.

40,000,000 tokens will be available in the public token sale at 0.0003 ETH each at the start. The token price will linearly increase to 0.0006 ETH at the end of the public sale.

We will also launch NCT trading pairs at Uniswap and Balancer along with this token sale.

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